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A Day In Bkk

A Day In Bkk is a little gem in Chelsea, which lets you enjoy the culinary ride of the authentic Thai flavors and lets you feel the true essence of Thai food.

Our unique homemade secret recipes from our family are known for its perfect harmony between all its flavors being, sweet and sour & hot and sweet. While you enjoy the palatable dishes, cooked in-house with the freshest ingredients, A Day In Bkk gives you a cozy atmosphere to relish your favorite picks.

Our Vegan and Gluten-free range is known for its taste and quality and is loved by all our customers.

Our Chefs from Thailand are the food connoisseurs who love cooking magic for our lovely customers and our friendly staff is always in an awe of the intensity of the love that the customers have, for the food we serve.

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Thai Specialities

  • chicken curry puffs

    Minced Chicken |Potato |Carrot |Onion |Thai spices |Peanut satay sauce

  • Money Bags

    Minced Chicken |Taro |Corn |Carrot |Onion |Sweet chili sauce

  • Thai Fish Cakes

    Lightly Fried Fish Cakes | Green Bean | Red Curry Paste | Kaffir Lime Leaves | Sweet chili Sauce | Crushed Peanuts

  • Larb gai Salad

    thai spicy minced chicken salad | Medium spicy |Minced Chicken |Dried Chili |Ground Roasted Rice |Spanish Onion |Mint|

  • Pad Thai Noodle

    well known Traditional Thai noodle dish Stir fried| Thin Rice Noodle| Sweet & Sour Tamarind Sauce Spring Onion| Egg| Peanuts| Mixed Veggies
    Tofu + Veg $19.90 | Chicken | Beef | Pork $21.50 | Seafood $22.50 | |Prawn $23.50

  • Pad Cashew

    Special Thai Chili Jam| Cashew |Lightly Battered |Veggies|
    tofu & veg $20.50 | chicken // beef // pork $22.50

  • Pad Cashew

    Special Thai Chili Jam| Cashew |Lightly Battered |Veggies|
    tofu & veg $20.50 | chicken // beef // pork $22.50

  • Pad Cha

    Medium spicy |Thai herbs| Peppercorns
    chicken // beef// pork $22.90

  • Pad Satay

    Homemade Satay Sauce| Crunched peanut | sesame | Veggies
    tofu & veg $20.50 | chicken // beef // pork $22.50

  • Thai Banana Roti

    roti| egg| banana| condensed milk| sugar
    with vanilla ice cream $12.00 | with coconut ice cream $14.00

  • Black Sticky Rice Pudding

    with Coconut ice cream Steamed l Black sticky rice l palm sugar & coconut milk l milk

  • Thai Milk Tea


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